Silver Lace Vine

Silver Lace Vine (Polygonum aubertii) is a popular but controversial climbing plant because of its vigorous growth habit. This drought-tolerant vine wraps around porch pillars, fences, or pergolas.

Silver Lace Vine Flowers

The gorgeous scented white flowers adorn this easy-care plant in summer and fall. Polygonum is a genus of around 130 species[1] of flowering plants in the Polygonaceae (knotweed and buckwheat) family. The plant is also known as Silvervine Fleeceflower and Fleece Vine.

Silver Lace Vine Flowers

The silver lace vine is a semi-evergreen to the deciduous vine that can grow up to 3.5 m (12 feet) in length. The foliage is light green; the new leaves usually have a reddish-bronze color.

Silver Lace Vine White Flowers

The small, fragrant flowers bloom green to white in summer, often with a pink tint, blooming profusely in thin panicles.

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