Did you know that myrtle blossoms get their name from the Greek word “myrrhe“, which means “liquid and balm frankincense“?


It’s a perfect name considering that essential oil can be made from these flowers. Myrtles belong to the flower family Myrtaceae and the genus Myrtus.

Myrtus Communis

They occur on the North African continent, Asia, Mediterranean, and South America. They are of an evergreen quality (although they are also shrubs) which means they can grow year-round under ideal growing conditions.

Myrtus Nivellei

As mentioned above, Myrtus is the genus, but there are 3 different species[1], Myrtus Nivellei, Myrtus Phillyreifolia, and Myrtus Communis. The plant is a small tree or shrub that reaches a height of 5 meters (16 feet).

Myrtus Phillyreifolia

The leaf is whole, 3 to 5 cm long, with scented essential oil. The star-shaped flower has 5 petals and sepals as well as many stamens. Myrtle blossoms can be.

Pink Myrtle Flowers

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Purple Myrtle Flowers

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