Monte Cassino

Loved by butterflies, gardening enthusiasts, and florists, this remarkable flower Monte Cassino spotlights delicate clear white clouds of dainty daisies with a yellow center that hovers over neatly trimmed small green leaves that form a sturdy, bushy clump.

Monte Cassino

Symphyotrichum pilosum variety Pringlei ‘Monte Cassino’ is an aster flower variation that is a well-known choice among professional florists and cut flower enthusiasts due to its volume and the many flowers on each stem.

Dense Flowered Aster

These flowers are considered a symbol of patience and charm; they are sometimes referred to as daisy doppelgangers and stand out when paired with almost any type of flower.

Heath Aster Flowers

This North American native is also known as Dense-flowered Aster, Elongated Aster, and Heath Aster’ Monte Casino’.

Purple Monte Cassino

Symphyotrichum comprises about 90 species[1] of the annual, biennial, and perennial plants previously attributed to the Aster genus.

White Monte Cassino Flowers

The leaves are simple, lanceolate, and whole, but their daisy-shaped buds are cultivated; the florets on the central disc are generally yellow, surrounded by thong-shaped ligulate florets in white, purple, blue, or pink shades.

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