Marguerite Daisy

Marguerite Daisy

For an eye-catching show in cooler weather, plant the Marguerite daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens). Sometimes confused with Shasta daisies, the daisy is quite shrubby and mounded.

Marguerite Daisy Flowers

Also, there are different species available in pink with a flower that looks more like purple coneflower. The hallmark of Marguerite Daisy is that it likes cool weather and blooms best in spring and fall in most areas.

Argyranthemum Frutescens

However, in temperate summer regions, it blooms all summer. The finely pruned dark green foliage looks great on almost any bright flower, even when not in bloom. Marguerite Daisies are a group of about 24 species[1] of evergreen shrubs in the Asteraceae family native to the Canary Islands.

Marguerite Daisies

The Marguerite daisy, also known as the Paris daisy, is a delicate, short-lived perennial shrub or subshrub that produces white daisy-like flowers (2.5 inches in diameter) with yellow central discs on bushy plants that grow to 2- 3 feet tall and just as wide.

Paris Daisy

It blooms all summer but can slow down considerably in the summer heat. The deeply incised dark green foliage is aromatic when pressed. White, yellow, and pink varieties are available, some with blue-green foliage and/or double flowers.

White Marguerite Daisy Flowers

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