Madder (Rubia tinctorum) is a perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family of coffee and bedstraw. The name Rubia is derived from the Latin word ruber, which means red and refers to the red coloring of the plant’s roots.

Madder Flowers

Madder is native to North Africa, West Asia, and Southeastern Europe. Rubia is a genus of plants in the Rubiaceae family. It contains about 80 species[1] of climbing or climbing scrambling subshrubs and herbs.

Rubia Tinctorum

Some of the most famous names for the plant include Dyer’s madder, common madder, and Alizarin. The madder plant is a perennial climbing plant that can reach heights of up to 1.5 m.

The leaves of this plant are evergreen and are 5 to 10 cm long and 2to 3 cm wide. About 4 to 7 leaves stand in whorls on the central stem, and each of them has a star-shaped shape.

Madder flowers are tiny and between 3 and 5 mm in diameter. Each flower has 5 petals in shades of yellow, and they bloom in summer.

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