Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla mollis, also known as Lady’s Mantle, is a simple way to add beauty to your garden. The universally popular Lady’s mantle gives every landscape an exciting texture with its fluffy, cup-shaped leaves that retain water droplets like tiny gemstones.

Lady's Mantle

It is mainly native to the mountainous regions of Eastern Europe (Turkey, Caucasus, and Carpathians). Lady’s Mantle is the most common plant of almost 300 species[1] of the genus of the Rosaceae (rose) family.

Alchemilla Mollis

Lady’s mantle displays delicate yellow flowers that bloom in airy masses on the foliage from late spring to early summer.

Lady's Mantle Flowers

Initially, the flowers settle on the leaves until they get too heavy and fall gracefully. Like the Baby’s Breath, the flowers last for many weeks and are suitable for dried and cut flower arrangements.

Yellow Lady's Mantle Flowers

This long-lasting perennial also works well with other spring flowers in your garden and is a splendid choice for the front yard due to its neat, low-growing habit.

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