Kennedia is a genus of about 13 species[1] of flowering perennials in the Fabaceae (pea) family and is native to Australia.

Kennedia Flowers

Plants in the Kennedia genus are climbing or prostrate perennial plants that typically have slightly hairy leaves and a woody stem at the base.

Red Kennedy Peas Flowers

The foliage is alternately arranged on the stems and is typically trifoliate. The flowers are often arranged in the axils of the leaves, relatively showy and prominent, purple, blue, red, or almost black with leaf-shaped bracts at the base, but occasionally drooping when the flowers open.

The 5 sepals are connected to produce a bell-shaped tube with 5 teeth similar to the tube, the upper two being partially fused.

Common names include coral peas, dark coral peas, dark coral peas, and red Kennedy peas.

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