The Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, commonly known as Kalanchoe, is among the most versatile succulents and is loved for its pretty leaves and colorful blooms. Kalanchoe is an easy-care standout in a sunny bed or container.

Kalanchoe Flowers

Some varieties are also great as gift plants, as they can be bought in full bloom during the winter months to grow as indoor plants. Kalanchoe belongs to the Crassulaceae family, and the genus Kalanchoe includes about 125 species[1] of flowering plants.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

These tropical plants are native to Madagascar, but some species are found in Brazil and Asia.

Kalanchoe Flowers

Kalanchoe is a succulent, deep green perennial with scalloped leaves and a large umbellate of flower clumps held on top of the foliage.

Pink Kalanchoe Flowers

The plant grows to 8-12 inches tall. It has a multi-branched and erect growth habit. Their flowering time is incredibly long for an indoor plant. These yellow, pink or bright red flower racemes last for several weeks.

Kalanchoe is quite popular as an ornamental plant because of its colorful flowers, low maintenance, and low water requirements.

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