Japan Rose

Kerria japonica, also known as Japan rose or Japanese kerria, is a small ornamental shrub in the Rosaceae family native to Korea, Japan, and China. Japan rose is an underutilized, early flowering shrub that thrives in fully or partially shaded landscapes.

Japan Rose Flower

The flowers are a brilliant golden yellow with 5 petals, similar to the old-fashioned rose. It has a flowering period that starts in late March and ends in mid-April, with flowering lasting a few weeks.

Japan Rose Japanese Kerria

Although another popular name of this plant is the Japanese yellow rose, most florists recognize it by its generic name, Kerria. It is the only species[1] of the Kerria genus.

Japanese Kerria Flowers

Depending on the variety, the height ranges from 3 to 8 feet, and the spread is about 6 feet across.

Kerria Japonica

The chartreuse fall leaves are light green and double-toothed. Its simple leaves resemble those of birch and are arranged alternately on the stalks. Japanese rose has a filmy texture with its leaf 1½ to 4 inches long.

This hardwood shrub is a valuable addition to a wooded landscape because of its profuse bloom in partial shade.

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