Hedysarum coronarium, commonly known as sulla clover, sulla, or French honeysuckle, is a perennial or biennial herbaceous plant that generally grows up to 3 feet tall is equal in width.

Hedysarum Flowers

Hedysarum is a genus of plants that belong to the Fabaceae family. It includes around 100 herbaceous plants[1] native to North Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Bright Red Hedysarum Flowers

It has grayish-green compound leaves to medium green color, unpaired pinnate, each with 7 to 15 elliptical to round leaflets.

Hedysarum Flowers

The bright red, extremely fragrant, pea-like flowers bloom from the end of spring to the beginning of summer in dense axillary clusters on upright flower stalks.

The flowers give way to non-delicate yellowish pods that turn brown with increasing maturity. This plant is often grown in parts of North Africa and Europe for hay and fodder.

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