Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle is among the prickly jokes of life. They thrive nearly everywhere and carry a dreadful sting when they come in contact with the skin. However, they are excitingly shaped and available in deep purples and blues that are beautiful additions to the garden.

Globe Thistle Flowers

As perennials, the plants are long-lasting garden companions with robust habits and minimal care. Globe Thistles are native to Europe and Asia. The name in Greek means hedgehog, which aptly refers to the spiny flowers.

Echinops Ritro

Globe thistle, also referred to as Echinops ritro, is a flower in the family Asteraceae. Globe thistles comprise more than 120 species[1], of which just a few are cultivated.

Globe Thistle Flower

The large, pointed flowers bloom in early summer and last approximately 8 weeks. The flowers are exceptionally prominent, with flowers up to 5 cm (2 in) in diameter on 3- to 4-foot (1 m) stems.

Purple Globe Thistle

These are stunning blooms with deep dark blue petals in a pointed frame. The foliage is deeply serrated, dark green on top, slightly silver, and slightly hairy on the bottom. Globe thistle flowers are great as a dry display and will last for many years.

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