A classic garden plant indeed, Geraniums have been a favorite of many gardeners for over a century. Although most Geraniums are cultivated as annually, they are perennial plants.

Geranium Flowers

Geraniums belong to a genus of flowers that includes more than 400 species[1]. However, the common Geranium name does not just refer to true geraniums. It refers to Pelargoniums as well.

Pale Pink Geranium Flowers

While they both belong to the Geraniaceae family and were once classified as actual Geraniums, they were grouped into 2 different genera more than 250 years ago.


But gardeners, florists, and growers have defied the name change and continue to call Pelargoniums Geraniums. Pelargoniums are typically a diverse and large group of delicate, evergreen perennials native to South Africa.

Red Geranium Flowers

Its leaves can be rounded or palmate and are often scalloped or lobed at the edges. The leaves have a characteristic smell when pressed or rubbed.

In many varieties, the aromas are very distinctive and aromatic. The flowers of the Pelargonium really distinguish them from the genus Geranium. They have 5 petals, 2 upper petals, which differ in pattern and color from the 3 lower petals;

Geraniums have symmetrical flowers with petals of the same shape and size. The flowers vary in color from white to pink, through deep reds to purple.

Geranium, the old standard for flower beds, containers, and borders, is still among the most well-known plants today.

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