Genista spp. , also known as Cape broom, Montpellier broom, or French broom, is a perennial woody shrub. The yellow-flowered shrub is native to the Mediterranean.

Genista Flowers

Although it is still sold in certain garden stores, it’s thought to be an invasive plant in many places where it was introduced. This species is often confused with the Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius), which has pods with hair only at the hem.

Cape Broom

Genista spp. (family Fabaceae, Tribe Genisteae) belongs to a sizeable Eurasian genus of approximately 87 species[1].

Genista Flowers

Genista spp. is an erect evergreen shrub that generally grows up to 10 feet in height. The round stalks are covered with silky and silvery hairs, and the leaves are usually arranged in clusters of three.

Genista Spp Flowers

The small yellow flowers (less than half an inch) resemble peas and are grouped in 4 to 10. The pods are usually an inch long and covered with hair.

Genista spp. is common on mountain slopes, coastal plains, and disturbed places like forest clear-cuts, road cuts, and river banks. Still, it can colonize grasslands and open-canopy forests.

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