Gas Plant

The gas plant is an old-school classic; the gas plant is an erect, clumping perennial that blooms with small pink or white flowers from late spring to early summer.

Gas Plant Flower

The gas plant likes to be left alone while growing and does not like to be disturbed after planting. The gas plant (Dictamnus albus), also known as Fraxinella, burning bush, or Dittani, is herbaceous in the Rutaceae family.


Most botanists consider Dictamnus Albus the only species in the genus (although up to 5 species and several infraspecific taxa have often been recognized[1]).

Gas Plant Flowers

Native to North Africa, Asia, and southern Europe, the plant is ornamental in backyards and gardens. the flowers (pink or white) and leaves emit a powerful aromatic vapor that can ignite, hence the names of Burning Bush and gas plant.

The gas plant typically grows to 2 to 4 feet (61 to 122 cm) in height. The 5-petalled flowers are borne in terminal clusters and produce star-shaped nuts. The compound leaves are shiny and can lead to skin irritation in certain people.

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