Diascia sometimes referred to as Twinspur, is loved for its luscious spring blooms in a range of cute colors, including white, orange, coral, lavender, and pink. A small nestled plant that looks fabulous in front of flower beds and garden edges, combined with other plants such as begonias, carnations, and sage, gives a full and sparkling appearance.

Diascia Flowers

Diascia is mainly used as an annual plant, but in certain areas, it is considered perennials. The flowering plant Diascia belongs to the Narochnickaya family. This genus includes 68 annual tropical perennial evergreen or deciduous species[1]. Diascia is native to South Africa, where it mainly grows in mountain areas.

Diascia Flowers

Depending on the type of shoots, diascia can be decumbent, erect, or creeping. In the wild, the plant can reach a height of 100 cm, but it does not exceed 20 to 35 cm in cultivation. The leaves are green, linear-elliptical, with serrated margins.

Pink Diascia Flowers

Tubular flowers reach a diameter of about 20 mm, the inflorescence is pentagonal. During flowering, a racemose apical inflorescence is formed, consisting of salmon, purple, white, orange, pink, or other colored flowers.

Twinspur Flowers

This flowering plant is mostly planted in mixed borders or rockeries to fill in the spaces between large plant bushes in the garden.

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