Dead Nettle

Kingdom Class Order Family Species
Plantae Magnoliopsida Lamiales Lamiaceae Lamium album
  • Plant Type: Perennial herb
  • Common Names: Dead Nettle, Grass Dancer, Odoriko, White Nettle, the White archangel
  • Color: White, pale pink, light yellow
  • Flower Dimensions: 1.18- 1.57 inches in diameter
  • Flowering Seasons: Spring and Early summer (April to June)
  • Places in Japan with Dead Nettle: Hokkaido to Kyushu mountains or path

Dead Nettle is among the most famous wild herbaceous plants and is known for its sweet flowers. Originally, Dead Nettle is native to central and northern Europe. Along with purple dead Nettle, it is present in many places and is a typical native weed.

Dead Nettle Flowers

  • The leaves of the dead nettle are serrated and wide-oval. The tips are pointed.
  • The stems of the Dead Nettle have four-angled stems and possess long hair at nodes.
  • The flowers are helmet-shaped. The flowers are tubular on the upper part of the stem. The petiole of the flower is 3 cm in length.
  • The shoots of the Dead-nettle are edible, and the roots possess medicinal value.

The current presence stretches from Asia to Western Europe. Dead Nettle belongs to the Lamiaceae family – a large mint plant family. The genus of Lamium consists of around 50 species[1]. This perennial herb can reach heights of up to 40 inches under optimum growing conditions.

Pink Dead Nettle Flowers

Dead nettles form mint to dark green leaves that are strongly serrated on the margin of the leaves and are typically up to 2 inches long. Visually, the shape of the leaves is very evocative of stinging nettles.

Purple Dead Nettle Flowers

The plant should flower between late April and early October. Then this plant forms flowers in the shape of a lip. Each flower comprises 2 lips, each with petals that can be up to 1.2 inches in length. Also, there are 5 sepals, which are entirely interspersed with four-part ovary and glandular hairs.

White Dead Nettle Flowers

The most popular variety of dead Nettle has white flowers, but those with reddish and yellowish flowers.

Interesting Facts about Dead Nettle

  • Dead Nettle is also called Odoriko or Grass Dancer because the plant’s flower looks like a dancer wearing a hat.
  • The distillation of the Dead Nettle flower is believed “to make the heart merry, to make a good color in the face, and to make the vital spirits fresher and livelier.”
  • Lamium album var. barbatum is from the Greek word “laimos[2]” which means “throat” referring to the shape of the flower.
  • The flower is also called White Archangel because it blooms beautifully during early May. It is associated with youth, purity, and joy.
  • The Dead Nettle plant has a healing capacity to support people with traumatic experiences.

Yellow Dead Nettle Flower

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