Canaigre Dock

Kingdom Order Family Genus Species
Plantae Caryophyllales Polygonaceae Rumex Rumex hymenosepalus
  • Plant Type: Perennial herb.
  • Common names: Canaigre Dock, Canaigre, Ganagra, Wild Rhubarb, Arizona Dock, Tanner’s Dock, Canyon Rockweed.
  • Color: Small greenish flowers that change to red at maturity.
  • Flower Dimensions: About half an inch long.
  • Flowering Seasons/ Months: Spring (May to July).
  • Deserts with Canaigre Dock: North American Deserts.

Arizona Dock Flowers

Canaigre Dock Flower Characteristics

Rumex hymenosepalus is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the order Caryophyllales.

Wild Rhubarb Flowers

  • The stems of the Canaigre Dock are usually erect and branched above the middle. It measures 25-90 cm in length. The stems are reddish.
  • Canaigre Dock plants have leaves that are elliptic, thick, and whitish or silvery-white. They are membranous, obovate-lanceolate. Their margins are entire. The leaves measure 5-30 by 1-12 cm.
  • The inflorescence of the Canaigre Dock is made up of elongated clusters of many small flowers in a reddish pink. The flowers have 0 petals and 6 petaloid or sepaloid sepals.
  • The Canaigre Dock plants are hermaphroditesWhat is hermaphrodites?Having both male and female reproductive organs. and are wind-pollinated.

Canaigre Dock Facts

Canaigre Dock

  • The roots of the Canaigre Dock plants are used topically for their astringency[1] capacity. It is also applied to lessen skin irritation and redness caused by burns, rashes, and scrapes.
  • The genus name “Rumex ” means docks and sorrel plants. The species name “hymenosepalus[2] means membranous sepals.
  • The dried roots of the Rumex hymenosepalus contain 35-60 percent tannin[3]. The cultivated roots have less tannin than the wild roots.
  • Scientists were able to synthesize silver nanoparticles using the extract of Rumex hymenosepalus. The research conducted[4] showed these showed inhibitory effects over broad-spectrum microbicidal agents.
  • The anti-tumor compounds, leucodelphinidin and leucopelargonidin have been reported isolated from the Rumex hymenosepalus[5] . .

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