The Bulbophyllum genus consists of mainly lithophytic and epiphytic orchids in the Orchidaceae family. The Bulbophyllum genus is the largest in the Orchidaceae family and among the largest genera of flowering plants with over 2, 000 species[1], second only to Astragalus.


Bulbophyllum orchids are found in various habitats in most of the world’s warmer regions, including Latin America, South Asia, Africa, the West Indies, and several islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Bulbophyllum Flowers

This star-shaped flowering plant has fibrous or thread-like roots that creep across the surface of rocks or trees. The stalk is divided into a pseudobulb and a rhizomeWhat is rhizome?An underground stem, with nodes and short to elongate internodes., a characteristic that distinguishes this genus from Dendrobium.

Bulbophyllum Genus Flowers

Usually, there is only one leaf at the tip of the pseudobulb. Instead, one or more flowers are arranged along the unbranched flower stalk emerging from the base of the pseudobulb.


The flowers are scented with small green, brown, or yellow petals. Bulbophyllum usually blossoms between autumn and early winter.

Orchidaceae Flowers

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