Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium orchids (Dendrobium spp. ) are among the most popular orchid species among hobbyist growers and orchid lovers. Grown primarily as an ornamental houseplant or for their flowers, these striking beauties produce delicate and showy blooms in various colors, including pink, purple, green, and creamy white.

Dendrobium Orchid Flowers

Dendrobium orchid is also known as the Bamboo Orchid and the Singapore orchid. Dendrobium orchid is a diverse genus of the Orchidaceae family with around 1, 600 recognized species[1]. It is the second most crucial genus after Cattleya spp. and is native to the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, New Guinea, and the South Pacific.

Bamboo Orchid Flower

Dendrobium orchids are lithophytes, sympodial epiphytes, and less frequently terrestrial. Due to the diversity of the genus, Dendrobium can be evergreen or deciduous. Its stems also vary. While some have rhizomatous stems, others have no rhizome.

Cream Dendrobium Orchid Flowers

The pseudobulbs can reach a height of 5 cm to 4.5 meters. The leaves of Dendrobium orchids vary from one to several, with swollen internodes at or near the base of the plant. Depending on the variety, they can be leathery or papery, ovate, oblong, or lanceolate.

Singapore Orchid Flowers

Most dendrobium orchid flowers are 1 to 2 inches in diameter, with two petals, three sepals, and one more petal forming a lip or labellum.

White Dendrobium Orchid Flowers

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