Ajuga reptans, commonly known as Bugleweed, are perennial, broad-leaved, evergreen to semi-evergreen herbaceous groundcover of the mint family (Lamiaceae). The genus includes around 40 species[1] of plants.

Bugleweed Flowers

It is indigenous to Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Its dense and compact mat features beautiful clusters of purple flowers that appear in mid to late spring.

Ajuga Reptans

Bugleweed is a rapidly spreading, dense ground cover that has glossy dark green leaves.

Bugleweed flowering plants

Spikes of small bluish-purple flowers appear in mid to late spring, protruding up to 10-inches above the foliage.

Lavender Bugleweed Flowers

Varieties of this species have leaves with varied and more interesting foliage colors. In full bloom, large clusters of Bugleweed can create an eye-catching display.

Common names include Carpet Bugle, Bugleherb, Blue Bugle, and Ajuga.

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