Browallia earns its common names sapphire flower and amethyst flower for its bright, star-shaped blue flowers that stand out like jewels against the bright green leaves of the plant.

Browallia Flowers

It is a lovely mounding plant that thrives well in containers or border edges. Typically grown as an annual plant, browallia is surprisingly a tropical perennial plant that can be taken indoors for the winter and grown as an indoor plant until next spring.

Browallia Speciosa

Browallia speciosa is a woody, shrubby perennial from the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, which is indigenous to the tropical regions of South America.

Purple Browallia Flowers

Browallia is a genus of 7 species[1] of flowering plants. When cultivated as an annual, it usually grows up to 2 feet tall. The tubular, 5-lobed, bright blue flowers (up to 2-inches wide) with whitish centers bloom in small clusters or singly in the upper stipules from late spring to autumn.

The oval, pale green leaves are up to 3-inches long. It produces bright blue, purple, or white flowers and thrives in shaded or partially shaded locations.

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