Molecular Biology

    On taking up a course on Molecular Biology, students are entitled to gain detailed insight about cells and molecules – ‘the basic unit of life.’ This subject is a branch of science that encompasses the study of biological activities occurring in the molecular levels. It explores the role of molecules taking control of cellular activities like growth. In a nutshell, Molecular Biology essentially focuses on the study of cells, its structure, characteristics and chemical processes. Defining molecular biology as a combination of subjects like genetics and biochemistry is not incorrect. Since it is a science study that deals with the interaction and regulation of molecules to facilitate usual biological processes in living cells, molecular biology has much to do with both genetics and biochemistry.

    Did you know that Molecular Biology also focuses on the interaction between various forms of RNA and DNA? Biologists closely observe the process by which proteins in the body interact with RNA (Ribo Nucleic Acid) during events of translation to facilitate bio-synthesis of new proteins. They professionally deal with the studies of DNA replication and transcription.

    Here are the excellent journal of molecular biology websites:

    Current Issues in Molecular Biology

    Current Issues in Molecular Biology (CIMB) publishes high quality review papers, in English, in all areas of molecular biology, including plant and animal systems, human genetics, molecular microbiology, virology, and biotechnology. In addition CIMB publishes articles describing innovative technology of general interest to molecular biologists.

    EMBO Journal

    The EMBO Journal is dedicated to the publication of manuscripts from the field of molecular biology in its broadest sense. To be acceptable, manuscripts should contain novel results of significant general interest that provide new functional insight into molecular or cellular processes.

    EMBO Reports

    EMBO Reports aims to provide high-quality scientific information in the very broadly defined area of molecular biology. EMBO Reports will have in three major sections: scientific reports, reviews, and news reports.

    FASEB Journal

    The FASEB Journal seeks to publish Research Communications that integrate one or more disciplines . preferably those that apply to molecular biological methods, along with functional studies, to the study of biological questions that bear on developmental biology, pathophysiology, or molecular medicine.

    Genetic Engineering News (GEN)

    Genetic Engineering News (GEN), introduced in 1981, was the first publication in the field of biotechnology. It is now the leading and most widely read and largest circulated publication in the biotechnology field worldwide. GEN covers the industrial biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, enzyme, and nvironmental markets from applied research through commercialization.

    Journal of Molecular Biology

    The Journal of Molecular Biology publishes original scientific research concerning studies of organisms or their components at the molecular level. Published weekly, the journal provides up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of molecular biology.

    Journal of Molecular Modeling

    The Journal of Molecular Modeling publishes all quality science that passes the critical review of experts in the field and falls within the scope of the journal coverage, including:computer-aided molecular design, rational drug design, application of computational and modeling methods in the field of medical chemistry, protein and peptide modeling, molecular mechanics/dynamics simulation of polymers and biopolymers, et.c.

    Molecular Biology (Molekulyarnaya Biologiya)

    Molecular Biology covers a wide scope of problems related to molecular and cell biology including gene expression, structure and function of human genome, molecular biology of the gene, molecular enzymology and molecular immunology, theoretical bases of biotechnology, physics and physical chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids.

    Molecular Biology of the Cell

    Molecular Biology of the Cell, the journal owned and published by the American Society for Cell Biology, publishes papers that describe and interpret results of original research concerning the molecular aspects of cell structure and function. Studies whose scope bridges several areas of biology are particularly encouraged, for example cell biology and genetics. The aim of the Journal is to publish papers describing substantial research progress in full: papers should include all previously unpublished data and methods essential to support the conclusions drawn.

    Molecular Biology Today

    A new online journalpublishing primary research papers, short communications, and reviewarticles on all aspects of molecular biology.