Molecular Biology

    Molecular Cell

    Molecular Cell defines the field of molecular biology with a relatively small number of significant papers, up to 15 articles per issue. Coverage will extend from structure to human diseases, concentrating on molecular analyses. Topics that will be represented in the first issues include gene expression, RNA processing, replication, recombination & repair, structure, chaperones, receptors, signal transduction, cell cycle, and tumorigenesis.


    Journal covers: structural analysis by biochemical or biophysical means; mRNA structure, function and biogenesis; alternative processing: cis-acting elements and trans-acting factors; ribosome structure and function; translational control; RNA catalysis; tRNA structure; RNA editing; rRNA structure, function and biogenesis; RNA transport and localization; regulatory RNAs; large and small RNP structure, function and biogenesis; viral RNA metabolism; and RNA chemistry.