How To Become An Occupational Medicine (OM) Specialist?

How to become an occupational medicine specialist?
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An occupational medicine (OM) physician is one of the types of doctors who focuses on health problems that may occur during the work place or may prevent a particular activity.

Let’s explore how to become an occupational medicine specialist, required educational qualifications and salary info.

How to become an Occupational Medicine Specialist?

In order to become an occupational medicine specialist, one needs to:

  • Graduate from high school with a high GPA, especially in life sciences and math;
  • Complete a 4-year pre-med/Biology degree;
  • Volunteer in a medicine-related facility;
  • Pass the Medical college admission test (MCAT);
  • Enter a licensed medical school;
  • Complete the 4 years of required initial medical training. You would need one of the following degrees:
    • Doctor of Medicine, M.D.;
    • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, D.O;
    • Master of Public Health;
  • Complete three years of residency in Preventive medicine;
  • In order to qualify for certification in occupational medicine, you must have the following courses completed:
    • Epidemiology;
    • Biostatistics;
    • Health services administration;
    • Environmental health sciences;
    • Social and behavioral sciences;
  • Get certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine;

Average Salary for Occupational Medicine Specialist

In the United States, the average salary for an occupational medicine specialist is between $190,173 and $256,927.

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