Biological Companies


    Equitech-Bio is a biological manufacturer and OEM supplier of high quality serum and reagents. We are an eager, dynamic, and growing company utilizing state of the art technology while offering an extremely competitive price. As a pioneer in serum processing and fractionation methodology, we remain on the leading edge of performance, dependability, and economy.

    Ethicon Endo-Surgery Surgical Instruments

    Ethicon Endo-Surgery manufactures surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

    Exclusive Chemistry Ltd

    Exclusive Chemistry Ltd is a research and development company specializing in custom synthesis of organic compounds and projects involving contract researches.

    ExpressOn BioSystems

    ExpressOn is an innovative company providing an integrated package of consultancy, contract research services and proprietary technology to support the cutting edge of bioscience research.

    FirstRanked Pharmaceutical Marketing Services

    Interactive agency specializing in search engine based marketing techniques for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Ask about how FirstRanked can improve the impact of your next Internet DTC or DTP campaign.

    Fluoresentric– Real-time PCR Experts Working on Your Project

    Real-time PCR Experts design and optimize your custom kit: genotyping, gene expression, gene quantification, pathogen load. Diagnostic targets that are not commercially available are developed by our staff according to your specifications and delivered to your door ready-to-use. In this competitive market, rest assured that your project’s confidentiality is always a priority.

    Foremost Equipment

    We are a leading supplier of high quality, competitively priced, pre-owned Analytical, Medical, and Laboratory equipment.


    ForScience Inc. is a two year old company producing proteomics solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Blending scaleable software technologies with a powerful combination of bioinformaticians, biologists and chemists, ForScience is enabling drug companies to accelerate the translation of biological advances into drug discovery and development.

    Fuel Marker to prevent theft

    Our company GFI presents a Molecular Fuel Marker to prevent to theft, smuggling, adulteration and dilution. We are considered the leading provider of marking, detection, analysis and control systems for the oil industry, with precision results that are available to testers in a matter of minutes.


    GENEART is an integrated supplier of gene synthesis, recombinant gene libraries, expression optimization and genetic immunization. Our patent pending GeneOptimizer. technology platform includes gene design, oligonucleotide synthesis, gene assembly and sequencing capacities.