Biological Companies


    E-Commerce and information platform for biological and chemical research.

    Bioscience Editors

    Editing of bioscience manuscripts intended for international publication.

    BioScience Writers

    Editing and proofreading of scientific documents.

    BioSoftware Marketing

    BioSoftware Marketing offers life sciences software sales, marketing and consulting.

    Biotropin Growth Hormone

    Objective growth hormone (GH) research, clinical studies and advice on HGH and IGF-1 supplements. Separate fact from fiction! Skin Care, breast enhancer gel, hair restorer.

    BioWhittaker Molecular Applications

    BioWhittaker Molecular Applications offers polyacrylamide and agarose gel products. a worldwide forum for opinions on scientific products written by scientists, for scientists. Biowire is dedicated to helping biological researchers improve the efficiency and success of their research through knowledge, tools, and services.

    Camp Micro: A Cultivated Colony for Enriching the Growth of Fastidious, Cultured Microbiologists.

    Camp Micro, Inc…Where Microbes Go to Get Cultured! Let “Virgil the Viral Vector” & “Mycoplasma Mary” service your account with the highest quality microbiological supplies & service available. CMI saves money, time, and hassle: Anaerobic Gas Systems, Quality Animal Blood & Sera, OXOID, K-D MEDICAL, ATCC Microorganisms, ACUMEDIA, MICROFLEX, PML MICROBIOLOGICALS, Petri Dishes, Stains, Loops, Spreaders, Pipets, Reagents, Dehydrated & Prepared Culture Media, Microscope slides, identification.

    Carolina Biological Supply Company

    The Carolina Biological Supply Company vision is through innovation, quality, and service to be the most valued teammate of every science and math educator. Carolina offers a full range of classroom products from K-College.

    Chemdel Laboratory

    We produce natural products for biochemical research, custom synthesis, contract research, HTScreening companies and the pharmaceutical industry.