Biological Companies

    Alpha Biostats, LLC

    Biostatistics consulting firm providing research design, data analysis and data management services to biomedical researchers.

    Althea Technologies, Inc.

    Our objective is to provide highly specialized services that will accelerate the pharmaceutical discovery and development process. These include quantitative PCR and RT/PCR assays in a GLP compliant manner and custom plasmid DNA production and purification.

    Altogen Transfection Systems

    Altogen cell-specific reagents developed for efficient transfection of 70+ cell lines with DNA, RNA, siRNA, and microRNA.

    Aneda Limited

    Aneda, formerly Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems, develops software tools for researchers involved in genomics and proteomics, including the MPSRCH ™ suite of Smith-Waterman sequence analysis programs which run on the Intel and Alpha platforms under Linux and Tru64.

    Aquaculture and Industrial fish farming solutions by cowex

    Cowex a/s is an Industrial IT and Automation company which is specialised in solutions of process-technical tasks, in particular computer-based control, regulation and supervision within area of aquaculture.

    Arizona Unipole Magnetics

    Biomagnetics information/small database and webstore. Medical research grade magnetic therapy products available online. We are promoting the energy medicine of tomorrow today.

    Arkios BioDevelopment International

    ARKIOS BioDevelopment serves the needs of smaller and start-up biotech, pharmaceutical, and device companies. In addition to typical CRO services (clinical trial management, monitoring, data management, and biostatistics), ARKIOS provides services that include development and implementation of FDA approval strategies, assistance with fundraising activities, FDA communications and presentations, comprehensive regulatory affairs, and product storage and distribution.

    BASF-LYNX Bioscience AG

    BASF-LYNX is a functional genomics company offering a unique range of transcription profiling technologies. R&D Programs in Neuroscience, Toxicology, Microbiology

    BD Biosciences

    BD Biosciences offers innovative products and services for research and applied Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Cell Biology fields. BD Biosciences combines the strengths of many familiar companies to offer you thebest source for your bioscience research and applications. Visit our site today and explore the tools available to you from BD Biosciences.

    Bennett Scientific Laboratory Webpages

    Suppiers of laboratory equipment and instruments specialising in magnetic stirrers, homogenisers, pumps, tubing, ultrasonic baths and also 3m sterilisation products.