Biological Companies


    Bio-Rad Laboratories manufactures and distributes thousands of products for a wide range of technololgies, including proteomics, real time PCR, electrophoresis, imaging, immunoassay, chromatography, microbiology, bioinformatics, transfection, amplification, clinical informatics, internet-based services, microplate automation, immunofluorescence, cell biology, DNA hydridization, and multiplexing


    We are widely known as the leading provider of business intelligence about the biotechnology industry through high value-added newsletters, conferences and research services. With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C. and the United Kingdom, BioCentury supports an international audience of senior company managers and the finance community.

    Biochroma, Inc.

    Biochroma provides offsite analytical and bioanalytical HPLC method development and/or method validation services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors.


    The bayeres guide for life scientists.

    BioInformatics, Inc.

    BioInformatics, Inc. is an innovative market research and consulting firm supporting marketing and sales executives in the life science, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. BioInformatics offers a variety of services that enable executives to see themselves, their market and their competitors through the eyes of the most important information source of all — customers.

    Biolab Holub

    In vitro micropropagation of plants for nurseries.

    Biological Mimetics, Inc.

    Biological Mimetics, Inc. is a vaccine research and development company that offers scientific services and products to research labs. Services include gene expression, virology, immunology, and molecular biology.


    Biopax is a custom service provider in the area of bioinformatics, specifically for research organization in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical domain. Biopax serves biotech and pharmaceutical companies confronted with complex high-throughput data, and provide its client with a competitive edge through efficient IT implementation for superior data analysis leading to shorter discovery times.

    BioProtein Technologies

    The world leader in the production of recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic rabbits, with a strong expertise through the entire manufacturing process: production of difficult to express proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, hormones and vaccinating antigens.

    BioRainbow Group

    BioRainbow Group is the team of young specialists in programming and bioinformatics We specialize in scientific software development. We work on a joint of fields: bioinformatics, mathematical statistics, data processing, artificial intelligence. We are particularly interested in long term collaboration with biotecnological and bioinformatition companies.