Biological Companies

    China Greatvista Chemicals

    Chemical manufacturer and supplier of biochemicals, agrochemicals, amino acids, pharmaceutical intermediates, herb extracts, dyes and pigments, and industrial chemicals.


    Cole-Parmer Instrument Company Home Page.

    Consulting Chemist Douglas R. Chrisope

    Consultant in organic and bio-organic chemistry, oxidation chemistry, formaldehyde chemistry, phosphorus chemistry; process improvement and statistical process control for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries; chemical and scientific literature searching

    Covance Research Products

    Covance Reserach Products (CRP) is a leading provider of custom antibody production services, including polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and ancillary immunological procedures. Beginning with its acquisition of Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) in 1998, CRP now also provides a variety of “off-the-shelf” antibodies of use to molecular and cellular biologists.


    We offer consulting, training and tutoring services in biostatistics. Our expertise includes stability study design and data analysis, dose-response assays, diagnostic test development…

    Cryogenic Labels for Cell & Tissue Banks – available in 15 colors

    Cryo labels for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers (Temp. range from -196C to +120C). Fit comfortably on cryovials, microcentrifuge tubes, microscope slides, cryoboxes, plates, syringes, containers and for other applications in biomedical lab. Available in 15 colors. Can be printed in laser and thermal-transfer printers and inscribed with permanent markers. Can be custom-made for specific applications.

    Cryonix, Inc.

    Cryonix is an established provider of secure, controlled temperature storage for critical samples, with a 14-plus year legacy of operating specialized cGMP bio-repository facilities. Cryonix serves public and private research agencies that require the flexibility and dependability of constant temperature storage, in-house ground transportation, shipping and oversight of valuable research materials.


    CytoGenomics Inc is based in St Louis, MO with sales office in Tokyo, Japan and a development center in Bangalore, India. It provides various bioinformatic products and services. Its primary product is SilioCyte. a microarray informatics product.The company aims to provide leading edge bioinformatic products for various applications including microarray, proteomics, Glycomics and other related areas. OEM DevelopmentCustomised Bio-SolutionsSilicoCyte..

    Cytoshop – Online Marketing of Cytokines, Growth Factors and Antibodies

    Cytoshop is committed to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing cytokines, antibodies and Growth Factors worldwide including Interleukin, Interferon and others.

    Diamond Diagnostics, Refurbished Clinical Laboratory Equipment

    Diamond Diagnostics: used and refurbished Blood Gas, Chemistry, Hematology, Electrolyte, Coagulation, Microbiology, Flame Photometers and Urine Analyzers, Systems, Parts, Reagents, Electrodes.