Monkeys Starting with K

    Kaapori Capuchin

    Species Name: Cebus kaapori
    The Kaapori capuchin (Cebus kaapori) also known as Ka'apor Capuchin, is a capuchin monkey native to Brazil. Previously considered a subspecies of the wedge-capped capuchin monkey (Cebus olivaceus), it was elevated to species status recently.

    Kashmir Gray Langur

    Species Name: Semnopithecus ajax
    The Kashmir gray langur is an Old-World monkey, one of the species of langurs. The Kashmiri gray langur derives its scientific name, Semnopithecus ajax, from a character in the ancient Greek poem - The Iliad - set during the Trojan War.

    Kinda Baboon

    Species Name: Papio kindae
    The Kinda baboon (Papio kindae) is a species of baboon found in the Miombo forests of Angola, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and possibly western Tanzania. The species is named after the town in the southern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    King Colobus

    Species Name: Colobus polykomos
    The king colobus (Colobus polykomos), also called the western black and white colobus is a species of Old World monkey found in lowland and montane rainforests.

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