Carnivorous Monkeys

    Carnivore Monkeys

    Carnivorous monkeys strictly dine on animal matters (i.e., the meat of other animals), including birds, insects, other monkey species, and small mammals. Explore all carnivore monkeys here.

    Carnivorous Monkeys

    Buffy-tufted Marmoset

    Species Name: Callithrix aurita
    Diet: Carnivorous
    The buffy-tufted marmoset, also called the white-eared marmoset or buffy-tufted-ear marmoset is a New World monkey living in the forests of the Atlantic coast of southeastern Brazil. Unlike most marmoset monkeys, buffy-tufted-ear marmosets are mainly insectivorous, although their diet is generally carnivorous.

    Golden Angwantibo

    Species Name: Arctocebus aureus
    Diet: Carnivorous (insectivorous)
    The golden angwantibo is a strepsirrhine primate of the Lorisidae family. Bärenmaki, meaning "lemur bear," is the German name for the golden angwantibo due to its bear-like appearance. However, we see no resemblance.

    Isabel’s Saki

    Species Name: Pithecia isabela
    Diet: Carnivorous
    Isabel's Saki (Pithecia isabela) is a New World monkey species, native to a small part of northern Peru. The species was named in honor of Isabel Godin des Odonais, an 18th-century Ecuadorian noblewoman who traveled across South America to find her husband.


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