Flowers That Start with V

    Flowers that start with V

    Flowers beginning with the letter ‘V’ offer a vibrant variety in the botanical realm. From the elegant Venus Flytrap to the exotic Vanda Orchid, these blossoms captivate with their distinct appearances and aromas.

    Gardeners and botanists treasure them for their unique attributes and adaptability.

    Flowers Starting with V

    Explore the vast universe of ‘V’ flowers and unveil their mesmerizing tales, diverse environments, and ecological contributions. Here is a collection of flowers starting with the letter V.


    Flower Type: Shrubs
    The Vernonia genus includes 350 species of shrubs and forbs in the Asteraceae (sunflower) family. Some species of Vernonia are also known as ironweed. Vernonia plants have small purple flowers gathered in loose clusters, making them popular cut flowers.


    Flower Type: Shrubs
    The Viburnum (aka snowball) is an old-fashioned shrub known for its many beautiful clusters of white snowball-shaped flowers. You can easily accommodate your desires as 7 different viburnum shrubs are called snowball bushes including Japanese viburnum.

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