Stephanotis is a genus of the Apocynaceae (dogbane milkweed) that contains around 15 species[1] of climbing plants native to Madagascar and Southeast Asia.


The name is derived from the Greek word stephanōtís which means suitable for a crown. The genus includes woody-stemmed and evergreen lianas with a widespread distribution in various subtropical and tropical regions.

Dogbane Milkweed

Stephanotis plants are cultivated for fragrant, waxy, tubular, generally white flowers. The leaves are opposite, oval to elliptical, and leathery. Stephanotis stems can grow to 10 feet or more. The strongly scented wax flowers appear in summer.

Stephanotis Flowers

The most popular species is Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda), grown as a tropical or greenhouse ornamental and whose blooms are a popular feature in wedding bouquets.

Stephanotis has gained popularity in recent years and a few other spring-blooming vines.

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