Salix Flowers

The Salix genus’s trees, shrubs, and willows in the Salicaceae family are mainly native to northern temperate zones. They are prized for their ornamentation, timber, erosion control, and shade. The Salix genus includes about 400 species[1] of deciduous shrubs and trees.

Salix Flowers

All species have alternating, mostly narrow foliage and male and female catkins on separate trees. Three of the larger willows are black (Salix nigra), brittle or cracked (Salix fragilis), and white (Salix alba), all being 65 feet (20 meters) or more; the former is North American, but the other 2 Eurasians are largely naturalized.

Bee On Salix Flowers

All of them are common in flatland locations. The Chilean willow (Salix chilensis) is widespread from Chile to Mexico and reaches 18 meters. Columnar willow (Salix chilensis fastigiata) is a particularly common variety in Xochimilco, close to Mexico City.

Salix Flowers Yellow

The flowers come in green and white.

Salix Flowers

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