Piper Flower

Piper, pepper vine, or the Pepper Tree, is an ecologically and economically important genus of the Piperaceae family.

Piper Flowers

It includes around 1,000 to 2,000 species[1] of lianas, herbs, and shrubs, many of which are dominant in their natural habitat. Pepper trees belong to the group of magnolias, which are angiosperms, but they are neither eudicots nor monocotsWhat is monocots?Angiosperm having only one cotyledon. Cotyledon is seed leaf; the first leaf (or set of leaves) to appear during the early development of a seedling..

Instead, the Piperaceae family is closely associated with the Saururaceae (lizardtail) family, typically resembling smaller, more delicate amphibian pepper trees. Both plant families feature tail-like flower heads covered with small flowers.

The most popular species, Piper nigrum, provides most of the peppercorns used as spices, including black pepper. However, its family relatives include several other spices. The Piper flowers bloom in early summer. They are slightly purple to white in color and hang in a bell shape.

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