Nemesia is delicate subshrubs, annuals, and perennials primarily native to South Africa. This charming plant has been gaining popularity lately for a good reason.

Nemesia Flowers

Nemesia is a colorful addition to your cool-season garden. Plant Nemesia next to your pansies in the spring and fall for an even more eye-catching display. The genus Nemesia includes around 62 species[1] of herbaceous plants.

Lavender Nemesia Flowers

These fragrant flowering plants usually grow up to 6-12 inches. Nemesia have lanceolate green leaves, often serrated (up to 3 inches long) in pairs on 4-sided stems, and double-lipped tubular florets in short terminal clusters.

Nemesia Flowers

The flower colors include blue, brown, red, pink, cream, orange, yellow, and sometimes two-tone (different colored lower and upper lips). The flowers bloom from spring to fall in cold northern summer climates.

Pink and White Nemesia Flowers

Two Tone Nemesia Flowers

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