Motherwort (Leonurus cariaca) quickly attracts attention with its characteristic leaves and flowers. This imposing plant, also called throw-wort, lion’s ear, or lion’s tail, is essential in naturopathy.


Motherwort belongs to the large Lamiaceae (mint) family of plants. The plant genus Leonurus comprises around 50 recognized species[1] native to Asia or Europe.

Leonurus Cariaca

Motherwort is an herbaceous and perennial plant that can grow to a height between 16 and 40 inches (40 and 100 cm).

Pale Pink Motherwort Flowers

The leaves of the plant are usually light green. They have a partially cordate, lobed leaf shape with a strikingly irregular leaf margin. The leaves face each other on the branched, 4-sided, and hairy stems.

Pink Motherwort Flowers

During the flowering period, which typically occurs between mid-June and early September, the motherwort forms typical blooms with a dainty purple to pink color.

Throw Wort Flowers

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