Miconia calvescens, also known as miconia, bush currant, or the velvet tree, is a plant species in the Melastomataceae family.

Miconia Flowers

Native to South and Central America and Mexico, it has become one of the most invasive species in the world. The genus contains around 4 species[1], with Miconia calvescens being the most well-known of the four. Miconia trees can bloom and bear fruit many times a year.

Miconia Fruits

The flower heads are large panicles with white to pale pink flowers. Once the plants reach their full height, their vast leaves shade the entire space below them and prevent other plants from growing nearby.

The tree can reach a height of up to 15 meters and has broad leaves, each up to 1 meter long. Its green and purple leaves with showy white streaks made it an ideal choice as an ornamental.

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