The Matsumoto aster (Callistephus chinensis), part of the Chinese aster series[1], is native to East Asia and is a much sought-after and admired flower. They are classified in the genus Callistephus, derived from the Greek word for “beautiful crown“.

Red Matsumoto Flowers

This is most likely due to its crown-shaped appearance. The Matsumoto aster flaunts its always yellow inner flowers by surrounding them with red, purple, lavender, pink, or white flowers, to name a few.

Red and White Matsumoto Flowers

Also called the Japanese aster, the Matsumoto aster has long, sturdy stems topped with incredibly soft, colorful petals. Matsumoto has a reputation for being one of the fastest-growing annuals, with durable flower buds that grow doubly, semi-doubly, or singly on tall, sturdy stems.

White Matsumoto Flowers

This flowering plant will grow 10-48 inches (0.83-4 feet) depending on the growing conditions and season.

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