Also known as sweet marjoram, Marjoram (Origanum majorana), is a perennial plant from the Lamiaceae (mint) family that is cultivated as a culinary herb. The Origanum genus is currently assigned to around 40 species[1].

Marjoram Flowers

Its dried or fresh leaves and flower buds are used to season many dishes with an aromatic, warm, slightly spicy, and bitter taste. Marjoram is native to the Mediterranean regions of Anatolia. Marjoram is a perennial herbaceous plant that can usually reach heights of between 12 and 20 inches.

Origanum Majorana

The opposite leaves are elliptical, 0.4 to 1.2 in long, very thin on both sides, gray-haired and greenish-gray. The small marjoram flowers are predominantly white to scarlet red in color.

Sweet Marjoram

The flowers bloom from July to September. The flowers are at the top of the plant and are arranged in ears.

White Marjoram Flowers

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