Magnolia is an eye-catching flowering plant that belongs to the Magnoliaceae (magnolia) family. There are about 210 species of magnolia, differing in shape, size, flower color, and habitat type.

White Magnolia Flower

Magnolias are native to North America and Southeast Asia, but due to their beauty, they have become naturalized on almost every continent in the world.

Magnolia Flower

Magnolias are deciduous, evergreen, or spreading shrubs or trees characterized by large, fragrant flowers that can be cup- or star-shaped, in hues of yellow, green, purple, pink, or white. In deciduous species, the flowers usually emerge before the foliage in spring.

White Magnolia

The conical fruits are often produced in the fall. As with all magnolia plants, flowering is undifferentiated, with 9 to 15 sepals in 3 or more turns.

The flowers are typically bisexual with many attached carpels. The stamens are arranged in a spiral on the elongated receptacle.

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