King's Spear

The King’s Spear (Asphodeline lutea) is a real asset in the garden with its long, fragrant yellow inflorescences. The king spear from the Asphodeloideae (Asphodel) family is indigenous to North Africa, Southeastern Europe, and the Caucasus.

King's Spear Flower

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It grows on rocky slopes and stony soils, mainly on limestone soils. The Asphodelus genus comprises around 40 genera and 900[1] recognized species.

King's Spear Flowers

The resilient, herbaceous, and erect King’s Spear forms a dense group with its short runners and grows to a majestic 32 to 48 inches (80 to 120 cm) high with its leafy shoots.

Yellow King's Spear Flowers

The linear foliage starts at the ground and ends in the flowers, rising in thick rosettes around the long stalks. The leek-like or grass-like leaves are triangular, bluish-green, and about 12 inches (30 cm) long.

The fragrant yellow flowers of the King’s Spear contrast nicely with the dark foliage. The flowers grow up to 1.2 in (3 cm) in size and form a dense clump of star-shaped flowers. The flower blooms from May through June.

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