Jerusalem Oak

Jerusalem Oak

Jerusalem oak (Dysphania botrys), also known as feathered Geranium, goosefoot, or sticky goosefoot, is an annual flowering plant in the Dysphania genus (glandular goose’s foot).

Jerusalem Oak Flowers

Jerusalem oak was previously classified in the Ambrosia genus, with the botanical name Ambrosia mexicana.

Dysphania Botrys Flowers

It originates from the Mediterranean region and is easily naturalized and found in disturbed areas such as vacant lots, gravel pits, roadsides, and sometimes in wetlands. Dysphania is a genus of around 9 species[1] in the Amaranthaceae family.

Jerusalem Oak is a plant that can reach a height of 60 to 80 cm, with numerous leafy shoots. It produces lanceolate green leaves, and its leaves are pinnate and covered with sticky hairs.

The plant has several small, compact clusters of greenish-yellow flowers at the end of the stems that resemble a stinging nettle.

Its small, very aromatic green flowers form dense flower heads and appear from summer to fall. Jerusalem Oak is an ideal plant for dry hedges, trellises, and bouquets. It is an excellent ornamental plant on its own, especially on lawns.

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  1. Recently cut my Jeruselem Oak after thirty years. A few weeks later two springs popped up and grew to three foot in a few days. They have lovely yellow flowers I enjoy using in my home bouquets.


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