Japheth Orchid

Cattleya orchids have a fantastic appearance that many plant lovers could not resist. The blooms are showy, prominent, fragrant, and come in various color patterns and colors.

Japheth Orchid Flowers

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There are currently 35 natural hybrids and 46 recognized species[1] of the genus Cattleya. These orchids are native to the tropics such as South and Central America.

Japheth Orchid Flowers

Species of Cattleya orchid have been hybridized multiple times, resulting in a variety of hybrids. One of these is Cattleya Henrietta Japhet Orchid, a cross between Cattleya loddigesii and Cattleya eucharis, hoping to produce a more compact plant with the necessary white flowers.

Japheth Orchid

The aim was to create white blooms with better substance. Japhet Orchids are usually rounder, heavier, and flatter.

White Japheth Orchid Flowers

These plants are smaller but good producers. Both parents had pretty flowers for the cut flower trade, but they didn’t last long in one course.

The Japhet Orchids last quite a long period as a corsage. And at the height of the corsage, white stood for purity. The Japheth orchid is one of the easiest to grow in the Cattleya orchid family. They also bloom naturally twice every year: in late spring and early winter.

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