Cattleya, also known as Queen Orchid and Corsage Orchid, is among the most famous orchids. For many people, the word orchid is always comparable with cattleyas; that is how popular this type of orchid is compared to others.

Cattleya Flowers

Cattleya orchids display a fantastic look that several plant lovers could not resist. Cattleya belongs to a genus of Cattleya spp. in the family Orchidaceae. There are currently 35 natural hybrids and 46 recognized species[1] of the genus Cattleya. These orchids are native to the tropics like South and Central America.

Cattleya Flowering Plant

Cattleya orchids are known for their fragrant and showy blooms, which come in a variety of bold shapes and colors. These plants grow slowly. Typically, they take 4 to 7 years to mature when grown from seed.

Cattleya Flowers

A fully grown plant generally grows to around 2 feet in height. A Cattleya flower has 3-sepals that surround 2-fringed petals and the labellum or lip. The labellum, located at the flower’s base, is sometimes adorned with spots or markings.

Corsage Orchid

Above the labellum is the column that houses the reproductive parts of the flower. The sepals sport 3 simple structures: 2 of them are similar and point downwards, while the others point upwards. The blooms can reach a diameter of 8 inches, with colors ranging from white to blue, yellow, red, purple, and orange.

Queen Orchid

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