As a classic annual shade garden, Impatiens have been a popular choice for a long due to their flowering power and a great variety of colors.

Impatiens Flowers

They can bloom continuously for an entire growing season, and they won’t even deadhead to keep going. As a result, impatiens walleriana, commonly known as Bizzy Lizzy or Impatiens, is the most popular annual bedding plant in the United States today.

Impatiens Flowers

For continuous flowering and easy-to-grow plants in shady conditions, Impatiens is unsurpassed. Today, there are over 1000 cultivated varieties[1] of Impatiens, each with different flowering and growth habits.

Pink Impatiens Flowers

It is a delicate perennial with succulent, bushy stems that grows 6-24″ tall in a spreading mound, depending on the cultivar.

White Impatiens Flowers

It has been extensively crossed to produce many varieties that have flowers in a variety of shades, including white, orange, purple, lilac, red, rose, pink, and two-tone varieties.

The conspicuous, thin, five-petalled flowers (1 to 2 1/4″ wide) often cover this plant from spring to frost. The individual flowers have a clearly flattened appearance. The oval to elliptical leaves (up to 3″ long) is dark green to light green, often with a bronze-red hue.

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