Flowers Starting with I

    Flowers Starting with I

    The joy of gardening is all about adding new flowering species to your garden, as there is always room for one more plant. So to ensure that you keep your garden looking great all year long, spice it up with new flower types – be it colorful perennials or flowering bulbs.

    Having a variety of flowers provides a habitat for bees, butterflies, or tiny hummingbirds to promote pollination.

    Flowers Starting with I

    Here is the group of flowers starting with the letter I.

    Iberis amara

    Flower Type: Annuals/Perennials
    Iberis amara is sometimes a wild ornamental annual plant that belongs to the Brassicaceae (mustard) family. Iberis amara is an annual flowering plant that can reach 40cm tall. Its flowers are 6-8mm in diameter and are white or pale purple.

    Ice plant

    Flower Type: Perennials
    Perfect for rock gardens or sunny slopes, the ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) quickly forms a low mat of lush foliage that adds interest and texture even when these succulent perennials aren't blooming. The ice plant grows 6 to 8 inches tall and produces bright purple, pink, or yellow flowers all summer.


    Flower Type: Annuals/Perennials
    As a classic annual shade garden, Impatiens have been a popular choice for a long due to their flowering power and a great variety of colors. It has been extensively crossed to produce many varieties that have flowers in a variety of shades, including white, orange, purple, lilac, red, rose, pink, and two-tone varieties.

    Indian cane

    Flower Type: Perennials
    Indian cane (Saccharum officinarum) is a fast-growing species in the Poaceae (grass) of the genus Saccharum. It is better suited to dry conditions and poor soils. It is leafier, with thin, relatively complex red canes.

    Indian cress

    Flower Type: Annuals/Perennials
    Indian cress (Tropaeolum majus), also known as monks cress, nasturtium, or garden nasturtium, is a flowering plant species from the Tropaeolaceae family native to the Andes from Bolivia to Colombia. The short-lived perennial or easy-growing annual with disc-shaped foliage and bright orange or red flowers are cultivated, possibly origin hybrid.


    Flower Type: Annuals
    Ipomoea belongs to a family of flowering plants known as Morning Glory, which are unruly vines. They have blue, purple, lavender, or pink flowers that fade at night and open every morning.


    The beautiful and tall iris, named after the Greek goddess who rode the rainbow, is available in several magical colors. Notwithstanding its divine origins, this late bloomer is reliable, hardy, and easy to grow. Iris flowers are brown, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, lavender, and white.


    Flower Type: Perennials
    Hedera helix, commonly known as English ivy, is an aggressive, vigorous, fast-growing enduring perennial primarily cultivated as a trailing ground cover or climbing plant. On the contrary, they form round - greenish umbrella-like clumps - white flowers in early autumn.

    Japanese Chrysanthemum

    Flower Type: Perennials
    Chrysanthemum indicum is a perennial Japanese herb that can grow to 1-3 feet at maturity. Indian Chrysanthemum has over 10,000 varieties. The flowers are single and intensely fragrant. Chrysanthemum indicum is approved by NASA as a houseplant that can reduce air pollution.

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