Known for its lush foliage and beautiful flowers, Hortensia is the epitome of the summer months. Huge bouquets of Hortensia flowers ranging from the lacecap to the mophead type flaunt their beauty from summer through fall.

Hortensia Flowers

With the common name hydrangea, Hortensia is a genus of more than 75 species[1] of flowering plants native to the Americas and Asia. By far, the most incredible biodiversity is found in East Asia, especially in Japan, Korea, and China.

Hortensia Flowers

Most are 1-3m tall shrubs, but some species are small trees while others are lianas that can reach up to 30 meters (100 feet). Hortensias typically have dark green, serrated, obovate to elliptical (4-8 inches long) leaves and large clumps of long-blooming summer blossoms.

Hydrangea Flowers

However, the colors of the flowers really make the Hortensia stand out – they range from blue to pink, through all shades of lavender, purple to violet, as well as white and green.

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