Thanks to their sturdy stems and enormous flowers, Gerbera flowers are the quintessential cut flower. Gerbera flowers are so vivid in color that often, you may wonder if they are real.

Gerbera Flower

The Gerbera flower, native to South Africa, belongs to the Asteraceae family along with the sunflower. They belong to an extensive family since there are currently more than 40 species[1] of Gerbera flowers in the world.

Barberton Daisy

This species is commonly referred to as Barberton Daisy or Transvaal Daisy and is a delicate, clumpy, stemless perennial.

Orange Gerbera Flowers

The bare flower stems rise to 12-18-inches high from a basal rosette of filmy, spoon-shaped, sometimes pinnate or lobed dark green leaves (up to 20″ long). Each stem bears a single 4″ flower similar to a daisy.

Pink Gerbera Flower

The flowers are semi-double or single. The striped flowers of the species are usually available in orange, pink, yellow, and red.

Transvaal Daisy

Still, many varieties have extensive colors to include white and many pastel cultivars. The central discs are bronze yellow. It blooms from summer to fall.

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