Flamingo Flower

The Flamingo Flower (Anthurium andraeanum) is another gift from the tropical forests of Latin America to humanity. Of course, you can’t eat it – like other Latin American gifts, i.e., potatoes and tomatoes – but decorate, groomes, and adorns.

Flamingo Flower

The spectacular beauty of its flower, both as cut and, on the plant, allures and surpasses or even obliterates the fact that it isn’t scented.

Anthurium Andraeanum

Flamingo Flower, commonly known as the painter’s palette or flamenco lily, is native to Ecuador and Colombia.

Flamingo Flowers

Flamingo Flower is a tropical, epiphytic evergreen perennial in the Araceae family. Its attractive, bright red, paddle-shaped, waxy spathe and contrasting dark green leaves.

Red Flamingo Flowers

There are over 1000 species[1] of Anthurium. Typically, it grows up to 16″ tall. The drooping, heart-shaped leaves (up to 8” long) occur in clusters on the long stems of the plant canopy and are attractive throughout the year.

The genus Anthurium is native to America and distributed from northern Argentina to northern Mexico. It is a genus of herbaceous plants that often grow as epiphytes on other flowering plants. The leaves are sometimes clustered and vary in shape. The inflorescence has small, perfect flowers that contain female and male structures. The flowers are kept in closely spaced spirals on the spadix.

Their curious lavender, red, pink, or white heart-shaped flowers have a twisted spadix (inflorescence) from white to yellow in the center.

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